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"Amatsu Norito & Mt. Fuji" 8x10 Art Prints

"Amatsu Norito & Mt. Fuji" 8x10 Art Prints

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Title: Amatsu Norito & Mt. Fuji Art Print 

In my artworks, I often use good-luck contents (images) along with positive message in Kamiyomoji message (Kotodama, Waka/Haiku/Senryu)

On this artwork, I use "Amatsu Norito" & "Mt. Fuji". 

Amatsu Norito (天津祝詞) is often considered as one of the most powerful Norito which purify the energy and brings good luck. Amatsu Norito contains a stories from the origin of Japan (ones in Kojiki & Nihon-Shoki), asking all the deities & god forces in Japan to purify and help one's prayers to come true. Mt. Fuji is one of the most powerful good-luck charms in Japan. For example, it is said that it is fortunate to have a dream of Mt. Fuji on the first dream of the new year. 

For more info about the good-luck contents, please visit HERE

.: Signed on the back.
.: Printed on A4 size (21.0 x 29.7cm), 195 kg fine art paper
.: Image Size: Slightly smaller than 8"x10" for 8x10 frame 
.: Matte finish
.: For indoor use

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