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Kamiyomoji Experiments

The Results of Kamiyomoji Experiments!

Here on this page, I am sharing the results of my own Kamiyomoji experiments.


As some of you already know, though I am also a spiritual healing practitioner now,  back then I was a kind of kid who grew up being told by my father that there is no such thing as God in this world. He was the kind of person who basically accepts religious events as custom and cares about deceased souls but wasn't fond of the idea of being too religious. For his influence, basically, I am still the kind of person who believe something only when my own judgment convinces me. Then, as a result, I have reached the point where I can no longer ignore my spiritual side of me. So, this time, I also did some experiments on Kamiyomoji by myself as well. :-)

Dr.Nobuhiro Maruyama, a licensed doctor and a Katakamuna healer, uses the healing power of Katakamuna characters and other natural healing methods, such as "Kusurie", various geometric patterns, in his treatment.

He insists that our human bodies already have innate healing power. His treatment starts from the point where the body is already healed. So, naturally, the body parts that are not a healthy start to heal itself. I totally agree with the idea. In his treatment, he puts the pictures of Katakamuna and Kusurie on their troubled parts, reading(singing Katakamuna Utahi), and his patients feel the warmth on the affected parts, and often, the pains are eased, or troubled parts start to function properly, etc…

In his book, "Katakamuna ~the miracle words that work like magic~," he shares some experiment results. He creates many Katakamuna products with a healing effect, and one of them is the plate with Katakamuna characters on it. And he prepared one Katakamuna plate, and one plain white plate, and put a slice of pear on each, and saw what happens. The result was, of course, the pear on Katakamuna prolonged its spoiling process.

Well, I thought that was interesting. So, I did a similar experiment using my artwork "Kamiyomoji Healing".

I started the experiments from June 18th, 2020, to the end of August. I printed out the black & white copy of "Kamiyomoji Healing" image on a plain copy paper, used a corner of my kitchen, and set the white table in order to make the environment as plain as possible, and put some food on the copy of artwork image, and see what happens.…Well,…. This time, I just left the food as is, and didn't do anything else, such as singing 48-syllable songs to the food or sending energies, etc. And I have to be honest with you. The experiment's environment wasn't good enough. We had one very long rainy season until the end of July, and it was extremely hot and humid for August. It was hard for me to keep the same conditions for each experiment. So, it didn't go as much as I expected. However, the results were interesting to say the least.

Sorry for the unpleasant photo image. Above is the image of sliced apples that I set for the experiment from July 2nd~ August 2nd. I first soaked them in saltwater for about 5 minutes or so, then used them for the experiment. There was no such difference for the first two weeks, just seeing the apple slices being dried up. But after 2 weeks, I thought I first found mold on the one on the Kamiyomoji image, but later it disappeared, and the one without the Kamiyomoji image went bad rapidly and mold grew allover afterward. This is the one that I saw the difference the most. When I used raw eggs, I had similar results as well.

Below is the results from experiments with eggs.


But I am not going to lie to you. I did this experiment on sliced apples, eggs, and sliced banana twice each, and also tried on sprout seeds and Kombucha as well. And, I didn't find a definite difference from some of them. For the experiment to work as it should to see the definite results and have more definite conclusions, I think more detailed attention are needed as well as more time and more experiment examples. (I think I will share more detailed results of Kamiyomoji experiment later on update or maybe in my free-gift. )

However, so far, even from the results of my own experiments, I am confident enough to say that it is most likely true that the Kamiyomoji character itself has some kind of healing powers. And some sort of healing energies are emitted from the art image just as is.

At the same time, to fully benefit from Kamiyomoji healing power, I think it is best for you to participate in the practice by yourself, which is singing 48-syllable songs or writing kamiyomoji characters.

In my free-gift, I have included how to practice two 48-syllable songs by yourself. I created a simple video (Song of A&Wa version) to show you how easy the practice would be. Especially for the song of A&Wa, you don't have to be able to write them. Just singing would be fine. In addition to that, as I said on my description page, you won't have to know the meaning of the song (we, Japanese, don't either). You can read aloud or sing it however,  whenever, wherever you like. In my case, it is usually easier for me to memorize something with melody. So, for this "Song of A&Wa", I added some Japanese-old-children's-song-like melody to it. Please take a look.


Easy, isn't it? In my case, I remember all four 48-syllable songs and singing them whenever I feel like every day. And I usually repeat 3 times when I have time. According to the people who sing "Song of A&Wa" everyday, the song seems to work especially on maintaining mental health, decreasing stress, improving relationships, honing intuitions, etc... a lot of health problems come from stress, so by decreasing stress, recovering from depression, and serious eye disease which might go blind are also reported. 

I will explain more about this "Song of A&Wa", one of the 48-syllable songs in my free-gift and how it work on our body next time.

Until next time, 

May all the good fortune be with you and your loved one always!

Love, Hoshikage