My prayer goes out to all who suffer from the coronavirus....May those who are infected receive the proper treatment and the comfort of your healing presence....

Free Gift Kamiyomoji-Start-Up-Kit

Thank you so much for waiting!  Here is My Free-Gift to all!

And for a limited time, anybody can download all the free-gift images as many times as you like. NO tracking, NO registration, NO subscription to sign up, absolutely NO string attached!

This is simply my way of showing my gratitude for all of you. BUT! Please keep in mind that all images are copyrighted by the artist, and they are for personal use only. Upon agreement, you are free to use my Free-Gift in any way you like 😊

Please download the images you want below:

  • “Healing Kamiyomoji” Art Images 
  1. Healing Kamiyomoji Artwork 5x5 png file  w/o Sumi stain image   -Download- 
  2. Healing Kamiyomoji Artwork 5x5 jpeg file  w/ Sumi stain image   -Download-
  1. Healing Kamiyomoji Artwork 7x7 png file  w/o Sumi stain image   -Download-
  2. Healing Kamiyomoji Artwork 7x7 jpeg file  w/ Sumi stain image   -Download-
  • Lyrics of “Song of A&Wa” and “Hifumi Norito”   -Download-
  • Kamiyomoji Practice Sheets 
  1. Song of A&Wa   -Download-
  2. Hifumi Norito   -Download-


Here are some beneficial effects that you could expect from practicing Kamiyomoji & 48-syllable songs together.

  •  Your stress level is decreased, and you feel more peaceful.
  •  Improvement in your relationships with your loved ones.
  •  Strengthens your natural immunity
  •  Improvement in your chronic health conditions.
  •  Attracts positive outcomes or opportunities.
  •  helps you become more intuitive and develop your psychic senses.

Just for your note, in my case of practicing Kamiyomoji & 48 syllable songs, my biggest surprise is that my energy level was raised dramatically as a result. Well, I finished memorizing all four 48-syllable songs early this year. I wasn’t too conscious about it at all. I just enjoyed practicing Kamiyomoji & 48 syllable songs every day. And in March, I attracted someone who teaches nutrition into my life. She introduced Kombucha to me. For the last four months, the number of going for a walk in a week increased from 0~1 to 3~5 a week, and I have been able to jog for more than an hour and still feel fine and more energized than before. For me who have noticed decline of my physical strength in recent years as I get into my middle age, this change is huge and especially for this challenging time of Coronavirus pandemic, I cannot be more grateful.

Well, I honestly do not know how exactly practicing Kamiomoji & 48 syllable songs could affect your life. But, unlike some supplements or prescription drugs, there is absolutely no side effect from it. I think it is worth a try.


~*~How to use my Free-Gift~*~

  • “Healing Kamiyomoji” Art Image ~As Interior Décor~

My calligraphy art “Healing Kamiyomoji” images are set for 5”x5” and 7”x7” on US letter size (8”x11”). You can print it out on your favorite paper using your own printer, or you go to your local printer and have it printed professionally on a fine art paper.(Professional printing usually costs less than $10) The framed image above is the one example, printed on a regular copy paper and framed it using IKEA matted frame (about $10)

  • Lyrics of “Song of A&Wa” and “Hifumi Norito”

I suppose that majority of “Song of A&Wa” practitioners in Japan only recite the song just like Buddhist incantations. So, just singing or read the lyric aloud has enough effect. I have already shown my example of “Song of A&Wa” on a simple video. You can sing it along, or just read the lyric aloud, whichever you like. My example video of “Hifumi Norito” is still a work in progress. I will share it with my update as soon as it is finished.

If you prefer to sing the 48-syllable songs in your way, it is totally fine. You could also search the words “アワ歌“(Song of A&Wa)or “ひふみ祝詞” on Youtube, and you would probably be able to find some other versions of these songs.

  • The “Healing Kamiyomoji” Map

I just wanted to show what is written on the “Healing Kamiyomoji” artwork. The map shows where and which Kamiyomoji characters & 48-syllable songs are written on the artwork. On this artwork, I have picked and arranged the most powerful Kamiyomoji characters, 48-syllable songs, as well as symbols and Kotodama words that I could think of at this moment. I will add a little bit more explanations later for better understanding.

  • Kamiyomoji Practice Sheets

I have been thinking easier and more effective ways for non-Japanese speakers to receive all the benefits from the healing power of Kamiyomoji. As I explained in my previous update, writing down Kamiyomoji by yourself is one of the most effective ways to receive the healing power.

So! I newly created the practice sheets for Song of A&Wa, and Hifumi Norito and added them to my free gift! Yay!

I picked Woshite characters for Song of A&Wa ( because it was originally written that way in the Kamiyomoji Document, Hotsuma Tsutae) and Ryutai characters for Hifumi Norito (because the characters are very powerful and its shapes are so unique and original.) I originally wrote them using Japanese calligraphy brush using Sumi-ink. But, for these two characters, you don’t have to use a brush. You can use a regular black-ink pen that you already have, and just trace each letter while pronouncing it, if you can. You don’t even have to worry about writing order, for nobody really knows it for sure.

  • The Use of png image files of “Healing Kamiyomoji”

All of my image files are set 300 dpi resolution and the background of png files are transparent. As long as you use them for personal use, you can use it however you like. I will add more possible uses for the image files later.

At last, for the people who know nothing about Japanese language, let me mention how to pronounce Japanese. I will use the excerpt from my recommended book, “The Sacred Science of Ancient Japan” by Avery Morrow, because his explanation would be probably better than I who speak English as a second language.

How to Pronounce Japanese

The Japanese language is very easy to pronounce. There are no silent letters, and there are no plurals or deciensions. All vowels are pronounced the same way.

A as in “father”

I as in “ink”

U as in “blue”

E as in “end”

O as in “low”

For example, the name Amaterasu (the Sun deity, the main deity of Ise Grand Shrine) is pronounced Ah-Mah-The-Rah-Sue and Hitsuki is pronounced Hee-Tsoo-Kee. Sometimes an “N” will stand on its own, for example, Nihonjin, Knee-Hone-Jean.

To be more exact, in Japanese, we don’t have a difference in B & V and L & R sounds. We pronounce the sound somewhere in between those two sounds. Also, when “N” stands on its own, we often pronounce the sound between M & N.(the sound is N but your lips are closed, or something like that)But, please do not worry, basically, just pronounce the alphabets as it is written would be alright. (You might want to check my “Song of A&Wa” video to see what I have just said about pronunciations.)

As I already explained earlier, the power of Kamiyomoji & 48-syllable songs are not miracle cures for terminal diseases or the answers to all of your problematic situations. However, I also do believe that miracles only happen to those who believe. There are still many good, honest people in the world who are not receiving what they deserve. They take responsibility for what is happening in their lives, and with a lot of gratitude in their heart, they just do their best every day. But even in the darkest, most difficult situations, there is always something that we can do at hand to start turning things around. That’s what I believe. I hope this free-gift could be an option for the tool for your happier & healthier life, and add some light to the lives of those who are in need.

With enough logical reasons that I have shared in this campaign, I think you could expect some positive results to say the least. So, please just give it a try for fun!!

May all the great fortunes be with you and your loved ones always!!

Hope you enjoy my free-gift!

Love, Hoshikage