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I hope you enjoyed the contents of Art of Hoshikage:-)

My research of Kamiyomoji has just started, still has a long way to go. If you liked what I have offered on, please show your support for the Kamiyomoji Art Project!  Thank you so much!


~*~ Future Plan for Kamiyomoji Kotodama Calligraphy Art Project ~*~
 Here is the list of my plan of Kamiyomoji Art Project. I hope you see its potential and support me in spreading this incredible culture of Kamiyomoji to the world!
  • Book Publishing
  • Workshops for writing your own name in Kamiyomoji, as well as for how to practice daily Kamiyomoji songs by writing & singing, etc. Planning a small group workshops (such as on in Tokyo & Kanagawa area, for the foreign travelers or the people who currently reside in Japan.
  • Exhibition of Kamiyomoji Artworks
  • Introduction of Kojiki Stories though my arts & travel reports.
  • Creating videos for Kamiyomoji practice and travel reports.
  • Setting up a more established Kamiymoji product line. (Branding, etc)

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