My prayer goes out to all who suffer from the coronavirus....May those who are infected receive the proper treatment and the comfort of your healing presence....

New Works! I enjoy creating originals!

Hello, everyone! 

It has been a while. Hope everything is well with you all.

Well, as you may know, the powerful typhoon hit Japan again several days ago. Although my are was again very lucky with no big damages at all, there are still many people going through terrible conditions. I would appreciate it if you could send them your prayer in your spare time. Thank you very much!

...And, as for me, despite of my busy life, I have been so driven by my creative energies, and have been trying out new ways for my Kamiyomoji Kotodama Calligraphy Art. To be exact,  have been working more spontaneously and creating many original works.

Right now, I am using mainly Sumi-inks, black, gold & silver for my originals. I have also started to use other Kamiyomoji called Katakamuna of which shapes are so cute in my opinion. I hope I could share more information about it in near future. Some of you might remember that I said that I knew 4 Kamiyomoji that exist in Japan at that time. But, apparently, there are as many as 30 of them found so far...30! The world of Kamiyomoji is simply SO deep ..But it really is interesting. What makes me happy is that the more I learn, the more I feel like getting closer to my motto for my art making, which is...

Mixture of East & West, the Old & the New, based on my love equation:

"Love is …= あい = 愛 = ラブ = 0 = ◯ = whole & complete = divine= 柱(Pillars: a unit that counts the gods of Japan ) = the letter “I” = (back to>>) =愛(pronounces "ai") = あい = Love”.

Therefore, I am love, you are love, we are all whole & complete. ;-) 

I think you would be also amazed if I share what I learned from Kamiyomoji world :-)


I am planning to add original works on my shop in near future... but I am still thinking how I should do

In the meantime, hope you have a wonderful fall season!!

Til next time...
May all the good fortunes be with you always!

Warmest regards,