My prayer goes out to all who suffer from the coronavirus....May those who are infected receive the proper treatment and the comfort of your healing presence....

New Works for the New Project!

Hello, everyone!

Now, I have finally finished sending out all the thank-you gifts for the crowdfunding campaign, I am working on the new project! 

And, let me share a couple of new works today :-)

Title: "Prophecy of White Rabbit"

Title: Gaze of Tiger

The meaning of Senryu (Kamiyomoji messageI is
"My life is fun, full of joy, and extremely fortunate!"

The details of the new project are still not shared yet.  But the artworks are available as Art Print on my shop. And they will be up soon :-) 

I am still adding new Kamiyomoji Gift product listings daily. Please check back often:-) 

Hope you are all well.
"May all the good fortunes be with you & your loved ones always!


Love, Hoshikage