My prayer goes out to all who suffer from the coronavirus....May those who are infected receive the proper treatment and the comfort of your healing presence....

My First Update in 2020!

Hello, everyone!

It's been a while...I hope everyone is having a great start in the year 2020.

As you may already know, I have started Kamiyomoji Kotodama Calligraphy Art last year. After having a small success of crowdfunding campaign, I created this website.

As I create new works, I continue my research on Kamiyomoji (Ancient Japanese Characters), and have been amazed by the new discoveries.

I have realized that there is a need of expanding the way of introducing "Kamiyomoji." 


I am sorry for not updating my website for a while. But, as I gain more knowledge, now I am planning to add other ancient characters into my artworks as well. 

Hope you enjoy the progress of my art making.

As a start, here is a new artwork with one of Kamiyomoji called "Katakamuna".

Well, I will add more information about this wondrous character "Katakamuna" later on this website as well. 

And, this is one artwork for my new project.

This is a scene from a chronicle in Kojiki (the oldest history book in Japan).  This is a famous Japanese demon called "Yamata-no-Orochi" which means "giant eight forked serpent". last...

Sorry for late New Year's Greeting!

This is the year of rat in Chinese zodiac.

May the year 2020 bring great prosperity & happiness to all of you!!!

Till next time...

Warmest wishes,