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Crowdfunding Success!

Hello, everyone!

I am Tsukiyo Hoshikage, the creator of Kamiyomoji Kotodama Calligraphy Art. 

As my first entry of my art blog, let me share the event that helped me create this website & shop. 

On May 17th 2019, my crowdfunding campaign "Kamiyomoji Kotodama Calligraphy Art" ended successfully, by raising ¥230309 from 98 backers!A lot of thins were still experimental for me, but I was truly grateful for the result. Thank you SOOO much!!!

When the idea of crowdfunding first came up, it was sometime in February 2019 and I didn't have enough works yet. All I had was a great idea of sharing this interesting Japanese culture to the world, together with my artworks.

And I tried first crowdfunding at Kickstarter, I didn't know anything about how crowdfunding works and needless to say, failed miserably by setting the duration too short, and forgetting to set the pledge price for thank-you gifts. (Someone made a pledge for me in the first 30 minutes that the campaign started, I couldn't make any change afterward.) But, I did see the great reaction to the campaign, and was pleasantly surprised that a lot of people showed me interest in Kamiyomji Culture and my art! That pushed me to try another campaign at Kickstarter. 

So, for the second time, I decided to set 2 months, the longest possible duration for the campaign, and created new Kamiyomoji works as I go in order to show what I can do with this project. 

The below is the chart that shows the movement of how much pledges were made. You see, more and more people made pledges toward the end. Yay!

Coincidentally, there was a huge historical event in Japan, the change of era, from Heisei to Reiwa during my campaign. Since the Japanese old cultures can not be explained without mentioning Japanese imperial families, I bet it also helped my creativity boost for the project as well :-)

As I said, since I had never run my own business in Japan, a lot of things are still experimental and I am learning everyday. To those who had to put up with the delay for your thank-you gifts caused by minor change in production, Thank you so much! I hope you accept my sincere apology. I really appreciate your patience and understanding. 

...Well, now my website/online shop is almost ready and I am working on the next Kamiyomoji Kotodama Art project. I can not wait to share that with all of you. 


Meaning of the Waka above: 
"This success is truly because of you. Thank you so much! To those who have supported me, I wish you great happiness & prosperity." 

Thank you again for your support and.... in the meantimes...

May all the good fortunes be with you & your loved ones always!


Warmest regards,